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Who is Carri Oller?

Carri Oller has been in ministry for over 17 years.  She is the founder of Women Becoming Ministries.  Carri started Women Becoming Ministries in 2012.  Since starting Women Becoming Ministries, Carri has spoken at several women's church events, youth church events and has also spoken at schools about anti-bullying.  Carri is also the owner of Oller Publishing & Co. LLC.


Carri has written several devotional book duos that many people have chosen to use as bible studies individually and in their church groups.  


Carri is also a pastor, songwriter, podcast host, and actress.


Carri has been married to her husband for 16 years and they have two children together.  Carri loves making people laugh and encouraging others with God's love.

Carri loves being with her family and friends!  She loves creating new content to witness to people and encourage them through God's Word, transparency and humor.


 “But doing something beautiful for God and becoming beautiful doing it.”

1 Timothy 2:10 (MSG)

Women Becoming Ministries

Mission Statement:


“Women Becoming Ministries mission is to love, encourage and serve women of all ages and backgrounds.  Our goal is to provide a new outlook on life through the Bible and show the transparency of God.  Our mission is to provide an easy and unique outlook on the love God has for us, we want women to know that they are special.  We believe that women can be used in a mighty way if they simply trust in the Lord and are willing to be used by God.”

Question: What is the purpose behind Women Becoming Ministries?

Answer: Women Becoming Ministry's purpose is to point women towards Jesus.  Women Becoming Ministries wants to help women all around the world find the gifting that God has instilled in them and help them in these gifting through; counseling, classes, mentoring, books, and conferences.

Question: Who is the ministry for?

Answer: Women of all ages and backgrounds.

Question: How can someone get involved in this ministry?

Answer: By emailing and by answering all the questions in the, "How to get involved in Women Becoming Ministries" packet.

Question: What conferences, events and platforms does Women Becoming Ministries have?

Answer: Awaken Me Girlfriends Conference, Awaken Me Mini Sessions Conference, Mother & Daughter Conferences, Social Media, and networking events that are called Coffee Chat.






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