Carri Oller is a Wife, Mom, Speaker, Author, Song Writer & Actress.  She loves to encourage people through authenticity and humor.  Carri is the Founder of Women Becoming Ministries and the Founder of the Awaken Me Girlfriends Conference.  Carri has been in ministry for over 14 years and has loved every minute of it.  If you are looking for someone to come and speak at your event, be sure to submit your request on the booking page.


Carri is the Founder of The Awaken Me Girlfriends Conference.  It is designed to bring the "big feel" multiracial conference to the church.  Carri has a group of motivated women that travel and speak all across The United States and speak God's truth to women of all ages.  The Awaken Me Girlfriend Conference is an established conference that has inspired several women to be awakened to God's call on their lives.  For Booking contact

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